After Hour Projects: a site on side projects

After Hour Projects - a site on side projects

With so many options, how do we choose?

Outside of working and resting, we have about 1/3 of our lives left.

What’s a productive way to use this time?

You are NOT alone in wondering where to even begin, what others have done, and how to do so.

Enter Side Projects.

Side projects are simply spending your time on the side in a meaningful, structured way.  If done correctly, they can move you to where you actually need to go. That is, a position in your life more fulfilling and closer to your desired future.

Side projects can help you:

  • Explore – formalize a hobby as a personal undertaking
  • Advance – develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to get your next job
  • Own – start a business while working a full-time job

After Hour Projects is a blog and podcast about side projects, showing ways of using your free time in a structured manner to get to where you want to go.

Explore the site:

  • Start Here – my story with side projects and my top resources
  • Podcast – stories of side projects plus summaries, show notes, and links
  • Blog – analysis, how-to’s, and other resources on side projects
  • Free Course – start your side project with a free 3-part course
  • Newsletter – updates and exclusive content delivered every other week

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