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Stories of how people have gotten where they want to go using their free time in a structured manner.

There’s so much we can do with our free time, but how do we use it effectively?

How do we do so in a structured way to get to where we want to go?

On each episode of the After Hour Projects Podcast, I explore these questions, diving deep into the process of creation with each guest’s After Hour Project.

Episode Show Notes

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Episode 15: Rick Hu: Mindset Matters – Rick Hu, founder and CEO of Midas Wealth, a wealth management firm, discusses becoming the youngest Managing Director at the age of 25.

Episode 14: Leo Chan: From Here to There – Leo Chan, founder of Levitate Style, a men’s style and travel blog, shares his story coming from an immigrant to the USA to becoming a fashion influencer.

Episode 13: Nikolaj Mathies: Moving Forward – Gruvi executive Nikolaj Mathies shares his experiences at a growing startup and what it means to move forward in this space.

Episode 12: Henry Johnson: Researching Rocketships – Rocketship jobs founder Henry Johnson shares how he created a job board for startups by open-sourcing his own research.

Episode 11: Jess Lin: Thinking Holistically – Life coach and yogi Jessica Lin shares how compassion, integrity, and accessibility keep her centered.

Episode 10: Harry Moreno: What It’s Worth – Software engineer and Litt founder Harry Moreno shares what it’s actually like working on something on the side.

Episode 9: Elusio: Executing on Expertise – TAXMAP founder Elusio shares how he applied blockchain technology to his field of tax compliance to eventually start his own company.

Episode 8: Brian Hanssen: Learning By Doing – Professor Brian Hanssen of NYU discusses experiential learning and how it applies to his nonprofit, Social Impact Scholars.

Episode 7: Stan Rosenberg: Applying Perspective – Stan Rosenberg, Founder of Trip of a Lifetime, shares ways to apply perspectives gained from work and travel to your After Hour Project.

Episode 6: Siam Hossain: Embracing Uncertainty – Siam Hossain, founder of online coding bootcamp GetMeHired, shares his journey from Bangladesh to the USA and into entrepreneurship.

Episode 5: Vivian Tran: There Are More Solutions Than Problems – Dr. Vivian Tran shares how her experiences growing up shaped her mindset in taking advantage of each moment, as shown through her various projects.

Episode 4: David Segura: Founders Live In The Present – Technology executive David Segura shares his story founding Giant Media – taking an idea and running with it, pushing through to eventually sell the company.

Episode 3: Dave Nash: At It From The Start – E-commerce entrepreneur Dave Nash walks us through his journey running businesses from selling sheet music in middle school to scaling a 7-figure beauty company.

Episode 2: Ken Huynh: What’s Behind Your Projects – Founder, investor, and advisor Ken Huynh highlights the factors behind an After Hour Project including one’s support network, market positioning, and macro and micro trends.

Episode 1: Leo Lu: My Story Marks The Start – I share how landing a dream job that checks all the boxes marks only the start of my journey, plus how I got via side projects.

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