David Segura: Founders Live In The Present

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Technology executive David Segura shares his story founding Giant Media – taking an idea and running with it, pushing through to eventually sell the company.

David Segura is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He previously founded Giant Media, an AdTech company, and has invested in over 40 companies mainly focusing on early stage companies across a variety of categories.

We cover David’s unique transition from his first job in consulting to the world of startups, his experiences with side projects, and the one conversation that led to what would become Giant Media.

Episode Highlights


  • 9:25 – Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset via stretch assignments
  • 14:58 – Things not always going as expected, but getting up to try again
  • 21:54 – Leveraging experience to identify a gap in the market and addressing it
  • 25:14 – Expanding via partnerships and eventually “betting the farm”
  • 30:52 – The truths of running a startup

David’s startup truths:

  • Startups are difficult. Most companies do fail
  • Entrepreneurship is making the most out of limited resources. You’ll never have enough
  • There’s never a right time to start

Why being a founder makes you live in the present:

Founders always have to think on their feet.

As David’s story shows, unexpected events do happen, with Facebook putting a stop to his Dorsia media venture. Nevertheless, it’s up to founders to get back up, recovering from setbacks and trying again.

Ultimately, David’s perseverance helped him start Giant Media from a conversation, landing him his first client and a runway to scale.

More about David

You can find David on LinkedIn or david@spectrumventures.com

David is an advisor to Donut, a micro investing platform that helps everyday investors acquire Bitcoin safely and easily. Invest your spare change into Bitcoin by downloading the app on their site.

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