Harry Moreno: What It’s Worth

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Software engineer and Litt founder Harry Moreno shares what it’s actually like working on something on the side.

Prior to Litt, Harry on the founding team of Capsule Pharmacy and also worked at freeCodeCamp.

We talk about the origin story behind Litt, Harry’s latest project building a community for solo founders, and some questions to think about when deciding whether to continue on a project or not.

Episode Highlights

Litt’s origin story

Harry met his best friends on the activity partners section on Craigslist. He built Litt as a mainstream way to connect people with those near them.

This is a model of building a solution to your own problem. Harry had the vision from his experience and combined it with his technical skills to create the platform.

On hosting a meetup for Solo Founders

Harry created a solution to his own situation with Solo Founders, a weekly online meetup for solo founders – a space for them to share thoughts, experiences, and to commiserate.

As he describes it, the online equivalent of sitting around a bar table for drinks.

The key here is that Harry was already doing “it”. Running Litt as a solo founder. The weekly meetings are an extension of his work. Same with the weekly newsletter. His work here was getting a group of people doing the same thing together, and he started a community.

Questions to ask on deciding whether to continue your project

  • Are you solving a problem for yourself?
  • Are you enjoying it?
  • Is the project profitable?
  • Is it worth the opportunity cost?
  • Are there others on board with the idea?

More about Harry

Litt Website: litt.nyc

Harry’s Twitter: @morenoh149

Solofounders meetup: solofounders.substack.com

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