Henry Johnson: Researching Rocketships

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Rocketship jobs founder Henry Johnson shares how he created a job board for startups by open-sourcing his own research.

We discuss Henry’s experience in startups, networking and building an audience on Twitter, and questions to think about when evaluating opportunities at startups.

Episode Highlights

How Henry leverages Twitter

Twitter is the place to be for those interested in technology. Henry follows startup founders, VCs, and others doing interesting things to share them on Rocketship Jobs.

He’s also had interesting conversations with other Twitter users, and drives attention to his company by commenting on relevant posts.

Tactics to join a startup

Henry leverages his background in sales to help others break into startups. Some examples include researching the founding team, sending cold messages, and having meetings from them.

In fact, this was what he did in joining a startup – without sending out his resume.

Factors in evaluating a startup

  • Can this become a multi-billion dollar company?
  • What are you looking to optimize for?
  • Are you ok with dealing with ambiguity?
  • What do you know about the background of the founders?
  • What skillset will you bring to the table?

More about Henry

You can find Henry on Twitter.

Rocketship Jobs website and Twitter.

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