Jess Lin: Thinking Holistically

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Life coach and yogi Jessica Lin shares how compassion, integrity, and accessibility keep her centered.

We talked about mental health, decolonizing yoga, and the value of holistic health.

Episode Highlights

How Jess became a yoga teacher

Jess started taking yoga classes at a young age, eventually getting certified in high school.

She taught yoga classes in college, and eventually quit her to job start teaching at gyms.

Eventually, she began renting spaces to teach on her own, providing clients with more customized instruction, including teaching yoga as a lifestyle with 8 limbs – 7 more than the poses.

The three pillars Jess operates by

Jess approaches her yoga teaching, life coaching, operation of the Pomona Zine Fest, and all of her endeavors with integrity, accessibility, and compassion.

Some points to get you thinking

  1. Make sure to take care of yourself when running your business, so that you can provide the best offering.
  2. Remember to have fun. If your goal is to quit your job, but you’re just as miserable in what you are doing now, much is lost.
  3. There are certain realities as an entrepreneur – times when you have to stand firm with your clients. It’s not easy, but it’s something you have to do.

More about Jess

You can find Jess on Instagram at @jessbeyondthebody or at

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