Ken Huynh: What’s Behind Your Projects

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Founder, investor, and advisor Ken Huynh highlights the factors behind an After Hour Project including one’s support network, market positioning, and macro and micro trends.

Ken Huynh is an investing partner at ARC Fund, an angel investor network, a former startup founder, and has a background in research and management consulting.

We talked about the importance of purposely building and curating a support network when working on an After Hours Project, the importance of assessing a market before entering it, and discussed the evolution of the  New York City tech and venture capital scene over the years.

Episode Highlights

From Ken’s experience, building an After Hours Project does not just involve the founder / person working on it – it’s also about an individual’s support network, particularly the strength of weak ties, relationships built with people who you may not interact with all of the time, but can hep provide knowledge, assistance, and introductions to get to the end goal.

Ken offers advice to founders through a three-step model for those looking to start something of their own:

  • Ideation – first, conduct assessment for yourself. What conditions are best to start something? What other obligations do you have? Are you ready?
  • Do Your Homework – research not just how to create what you want to create, but the market that you will play in. Who are the dominant players? How successful are the contenders?
  • Setup – Put yourself in the best position to get the work done. Commit. Dedicate your mind and your time

More about Ken – Ken’s website with his writings on his blog and offerings of executive coaching services

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