Nikolaj Mathies: Moving Forward

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Gruvi executive Nikolaj Mathies shares his experiences at a growing startup and what it means to move forward in this space.

We discuss his progression through Gruvi, a data project they are working on, and the future plans for Gruvi.

Episode Highlights


Intrapreneurship is the act of exhibiting entrepreneurial traits within an organization.

Startups are naturally intrapreneurial; team members have multiple responsibilities, often outside of their domains.

Gruvi takes this on through the data project Nikolaj describes in this episode – the company sits between multiple players in the film industry, and aims to provide insights on top of traditional agency services.

Advancing in the world of startups

Nikolaj started out at Gruvi as a sales manager, and advanced to help shape product development and other projects.

Now, he is the CEO – U.S., leading the company’s expansion into the United States.

Feedback loops as a creator/founder

As Nikolaj mentions, founders and creators are very deep in their work; thus, they might miss some perspective.

To solve this, outside input is necessary.

While Gruvi is has not taken any venture capital funding (and therefore has some more independence), it’s received valuable feedback participating in an accelerator in the U.S. – vital guidance that’s helped shape the company’s path forward.

More about Nikolaj

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Gruvi website.

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