Vivian Tran: There Are More Solutions Than Problems

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Dr. Vivian Tran shares how her experiences growing up shaped her mindset in taking advantage of each moment, as shown through her various projects.

Vivian is an Associate Director at Columbia University, and also owns and manages rental properties, runs a startup, A La Carte, serving the food and beverage industry, and is working on a fiction novel, Asian Duckling, about her experience growing up as an Asian American.

We cover Vivian’s journey working her way up from several part-time jobs in high school and college to getting her PhD, investing in real estate, growing a startup, and working on a novel.

Episode Highlights

Take advantage of all of the resources given to you – Vivian worked for a higher education institution, and with that, was able to pursue her PhD without the burden of student debt

Make the most out of your situation – Vivian did not settle into her first full-time job. Instead, she performed above her duties, quickly getting promotions in quick succession

Find others with complimentary skillsets – you don’t have to do it all. Do what you are good at, and have your team take care of the rest. Vivian works with many others on her projects, be it her co-founder at A La Cart, Editor for Asian Duckling, or real estate partner for her investments

On Building Skills

Balancing multiple projects helps you develop skills in multitasking, making decisions, and resilience.

You also gain confidence, that you’ve done this before from your past experience.

“It’s ok to be nervous, because it shows that you aren’t being overconfident and are examining all factors carefully”

Vivian’s Advice on Side Projects

  • Treat your side project like a business – conduct the analysis before going in. Get pre-validation and execute with discipline, dedicating time to your project
  • From genuine connections with others – you never know when there might be an opportunity to work together
  • Mindset –
    • Projects take time. Not everything will happen at once, you just have to keep working on it
    • Don’t stress yourself out too much. Find ways to unwind, to get ready for the next day
    • In the end, there are more solutions than problems!

More about Vivian

You can find Vivian on LinkedIn

Vivian is working on her novel, Asian Duckling – you can view the Facebook page here and contribute to the GoFundMe here.

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