Hi, I’m Leo, and I’m sharing stories on side projects.

Sharing my story on side projects.

In December 2018, I was promoted at the age of 24 to one of the youngest Vice Presidents (Manager-level) at a 50,000+ person company.

But before that, I was lost.

I was working a job where I was simply going through the motions – coming into work each day wondering how I could possibly slog through the decades until retirement.

That is until I discovered side projects.

Using my free time outside of work to help a social enterprise form partnerships, manage community for a blockchain organization, and help a startup raise capital, I discovered my strengths and ways to apply them to my interests.

Now, I’m sharing the story of side projects.

“You never know until you try.”

So the idiom goes, but today’s systems make it HARD to explore.

High-schoolers choose career-defining majors with little to no knowledge. Generalists looking to transition get one shot before getting stuck to a specific field. Entry-level roles require years of experience.

Side projects provide a solution, offering a low-risk way to explore one’s interests, develop one’s skills, and use one’s time in a structured manner toward where they want to go.

Enter After Hour Projects

After Hour Projects explores the topic of side projects, diving into the process of creation, the decisions behind starting projects, and the learnings that come with them.

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